YDLTIS 03: Use Your Words

“Whether you follow, lead, or switch, use your words before and after a dance.  It’s common to be more informal with good friends but when in doubt err on the side of being polite.” Good for: beginners Modeling conversations works well when you are teaching or in another position of authority. I’ve incorporated these model […]

YDLTIS 02: Flashy Faux Pas

“Keep flash like deep dips, assisted lifts, and air steps OFF the social dance floor. The original dancers knew it was dangerous outside of performances or competitions, and that’s still true today.” Good for: int. dancers and above, esp. after air/dip classes It’s easy to get carried away when you learn something with that undefinable “cool” factor.  And when […]

YDLTIS 01: Ambi-Opportunities

“We have a lot of dancers who can dance either role here; please make a point of supporting them and ask them what they would prefer to do!” Good for: all levels, during class or during the dance If we are encouraging new dancers to choose dance roles based on their interest and not their gender, the hardest part has […]