If Life is a Highway, Dance is a Dunebuggy

I might be alone in this regard, but when I talk to new and ambitious dancers, I don’t like to focus on competitions, or technique, or privates, or any of that stuff that makes you a “better” dancer.  I’ve seen far too many dancers fixate on these things as their golden ticket to the top: […]

“A Dance through Time” by Jeremy Barlow

What attracted me to this book was the prospect of light reading and lots of pictures. Anyone who has struggled through a denser tome (coughMarshallStearnscoughcough) would understand my hesitancy to jump right in to something heavy. Just by flipping through the pages of A Dance Through Time, you can see that the vast majority of […]

Winning’s Not the Point (mostly)

I was going to wait for an actual Tuesday to do this, but with the Harvest Moon J&J Derby going on at Wednesday Night Hop and tonight’s solo jazz comp at Fog City Stomp, I’ve really been thinking about this topic a lot.  PLUS, I had a great conversation with some competitors from Wednesday and I realized […]

Hello World

Starting a blog today after reading some inspirational material online and also considering this idea: if a blog is an online presence, then I don’t need to be the brightest star in the room — I just need to show up.